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Filing and Appealing SSD Claims


Guiding You Through the Disability Benefits Process

The process of seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be confusing and frustrating. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a complex bureaucracy with a number of procedures you must go through before you can get a fair hearing on your claim.

At Flexer Law, our attorneys are dedicated to making the process go as smoothly as possible for our clients. Contact us today to set up a free consultation with an experienced Nashville Social Security Disability claims lawyer.

We have offices in Nashville, Murfreesboro and Columbia. We will not charge any fees for handling your claim unless we successfully obtain benefits for you.

Preparing You For Each Step of the Way

There are several stages in the process of filing and appealing an SSD claim. Most people will need to go through at least the first three stages before they can get approved for disability benefits. The stages are:

  • Application: You can file an application for SSD benefits at your local Social Security office or online at Most people do not need a representative to file an application. Only a small percentage of applications are approved at this stage.
  • Request for reconsideration: If your application is denied, you can file a request for reconsideration. This is the stage where our firm typically gets involved. If you bring your initial application materials to us, we can help you file your reconsideration request.
  • Administrative law judge hearing: If your reconsideration request is denied, you have a right to an independent hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). A large number of denials are overturned at ALJ hearings.
  • Appeals council hearing: If the ALJ rules against you, you have a right to appeal that decision to the SSA’s Appeals Council. You also have a right to appeal to the Appeals Council if you are approved for benefits but want to dispute the date on which you became disabled.
  • Federal court appeal: The Appeals Council is the final decision-making authority within the SSA. If it rules against you, you have a right to take the agency to federal court. Our law firm is prepared to litigate disability benefits cases in court if necessary.

Our attorneys will carefully guide you through the process so you can have a fair opportunity to seek the benefits you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your SSD claim.

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