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Disability Hearing


How to Win a Social Security Disability Hearing?

If you are seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, the stage at which your benefits are most likely to get approved is your hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). It is very important to be prepared for this hearing so you can present the best case possible.

What is an Administrative Law Judge?

An administrative law judge presides over trials and makes decisions on claims or disputes that involve administrative law. They are capable of administering oaths, taking testimonies, ruling on questions of evidence, and making factual and legal determinations.

Social Security Disability Hearing

The purpose of the SSD hearing process is to determine whether you are unable to work or whether there are jobs you could do that would amount to substantial gainful activity (SGA). Appearing before a Social Security judge can be intimidating for some people, but you can rely on our experienced lawyers to handle the burden at your hearing. Most SSD hearings do not take place in court, with the entire process lasting about 45 minutes. Both the judge and your representative may ask you questions.

Your hearing will most likely be attended by a vocational expert who will answer the judge’s questions about whether there are jobs available for people with your disability status, work experience, age, and education. We are experienced at cross-examining these experts.

Preparing Your Case for Benefits

It may take a significant amount of time to get a hearing scheduled for your SSD claim. In the meantime, our experienced social security and disabilities attorneys will work hard to establish your eligibility for benefits. We will gather all available records and communicate with your doctors about your status. You should keep in touch with us about any changes to your status while you are awaiting your hearing. We will meet with you before the hearing to make sure that you are completely prepared.

Social Security Disabilities Lawyers

At Flexer Law, we provide clients with skilled representation in the SSD hearing process. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION with an expert SSD lawyer. You will pay us nothing unless we are successful.

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