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Divorce Mediation Lawyers in Nashville

Divorce is a challenging phase in life, and traditional litigation can often exacerbate the stress and conflict between parties. However, resolving the issues you and your spouse disagree on does not have to involve a highly emotional court battle that adds time, money, and further anxiety to your case. 

Divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation; it is a non-adversarial approach to resolving disputes. At Flexer Law, our divorce lawyers can help you understand and implement this alternate dispute resolution method to your divorce where appropriate. With 40+ years of experience assisting clients in resolving divorce and family law disputes, we offer a more peaceful and dignified divorce process for prospective Tennessee clients. 

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where an impartial mediator assists both parties in reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement. Unlike the combative nature of court cases, mediation emphasizes collaboration and open communication, allowing couples to respectfully work out their differences to come to agreement terms. 

Productive mediation hinges on the willingness of both parties to engage with open minds and cooperation. Individuals must enter mediation with the intent to communicate honestly and with flexibility, showing readiness to compromise where necessary. 

This often requires setting aside personal animosities to focus on mutual benefit and future well-being. The mindset for successful mediation should be problem-solving, not winning, and making room for creative solutions that respect both parties' needs and interests. 

By fostering a non-confrontational environment, acknowledging the emotional challenges of divorce, and working collaboratively toward shared goals, individuals can make the mediation process significantly more effective and positively set the course for their post-divorce lives.

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The Divorce Mediation Process

The divorce mediation process involves several steps, as follows: 

  • Selection of mediator: Choose a neutral, qualified mediator to guide both parties through the process.
  • Initial consultation: The mediator meets with both parties to outline the procedures and set expectations.
  • Information gathering: Each party provides financial documents and background information.
  • Joint mediation sessions: Negotiations occur with both parties in the same room, discussing the division of marital assets and debt, child custody, spousal support, and other matters relevant to the case.
  • Separate sessions (if necessary): The mediator may sometimes conduct separate sessions (caucuses) with each party to discuss sensitive issues.
  • Negotiating agreement terms: Through collaborative discussions, the parties work on mutual resolutions for all disputes.
  • Drafting the agreement: The mediator drafts an agreement detailing the terms reached by both parties.
  • Review by attorneys: Each party's attorney reviews the draft to ensure their client’s interests are well-represented.
  • Final agreement and signing: Both parties sign the mediated agreement after necessary revisions.
  • Court submission and approval: The agreement is then submitted to a court for review and final approval.

Advantages of Divorce Mediation

Mediation offers numerous benefits compared to standard court litigation. It is less adversarial as the mediator facilitates rather than dictates. This approach lessens hostility and promotes a healthier post-divorce relationship, especially when children are involved.

It offers confidentiality and privacy as mediation discussions and agreements are not public record, ensuring personal matters remain within the process. Mediation reduces legal fees and associated costs by avoiding a lengthy courtroom process. Sessions can be scheduled quickly around participants' schedules, expediting the resolution timeline. Parties have more control over the outcome, often resulting in more tailored and agreeable solutions.

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