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Premises Liability


Slip-And-Fall Attorney in Columbia, Murfreesboro, and Nashville

Seeking Compensation From Property Owners in Personal Injury Cases

Under Tennessee premises liability law, property owners have legal duties to protect people who they invite onto their premises from slip-and-fall accidents and other types of injuries. This applies to commercial stores, apartment complexes, sidewalks, government property, and all other types of property.

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Helping You Recover From a Slip-and-Fall Accident

Not everyone who slips and falls on someone else’s property is legally entitled to compensation. You need to prove that there was some negligence on the part of the property owner, or employees if you were hurt in a grocery store or other commercial setting.

If you’ve been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you should contact an attorney right away in order to prevent the loss of security camera tapes and other evidence that might prove helpful to your claim.

You may believe that you are not entitled to compensation if there were things you could have done to avoid falling. But under Tennessee premises liability law, even if you are partially at fault for your injuries, the property owner may still be responsible for compensating you.

If you are unsure who was at fault, it is always best to consult with a personal injury lawyer to learn what your rights are and what options you have for protecting those rights.

Addressing All Types of Property Owners’ Negligence

In addition to slip-and-fall accidents, Tennessee premises liability law also covers other types of accidents and injuries caused by the negligence of property owners.

If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss whether you are legally entitled to money damages.

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