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Abuse Goes Unchecked in USA Gymnastics


According to a story published by The Indianapolis Star, USA Gymnastics executives have ignored warnings over a long period of time about coaches who abuse their gymnasts. In 2013, USA Gymnastics officials admitted that allegations of sexual abuse are treated as hearsay unless the allegations of sexual abuse were made by the victim or the victim’s parents. A lawsuit has been filed in Georgia styled Jane Doe vs. USA Gymnastics dba USA Gymnastics, Savannah Metro and William McCabe.

The lawsuit alleges inappropriate sexual behavior toward minors and young women by a specific coach, William McCabe. USA Gymnastics knew about this behavior for many years prior to the suit, but continued to allow McCabe to coach. Among the many allegations, McCabe videotaped the victim while she was in various stages of dress and stored them in his home computer. The mother of the victim confronted USAG about the various allegations but USAG answered her untruthfully. The suit asks for $10,000,000.

Another coach who has been accused has committed suicide. A jury in Williamson County Tennessee has found another coach guilty of aggravated sexual battery and exploitation of a minor.

Sexual predators are involved in every walk of life and are hard to detect as they are many times in positions of trust. There are a few things that can be done to protect your child against these individuals. When enrolling your child in athletic/school programs always ask if criminal background checks are conducted with respect to those who coach and teach the children.

Make sure your child is not alone with a coach or teacher if that is possible. Ask about teacher training with respect to abuse against young children or teenagers. Talk to your child from time to time and counsel with them as to what they should do if they encounter inappropriate or abusive behaviors. Make sure you let other authority figures know if your child suspects someone like a coach or teacher is trying to coax them to perform inappropriate acts.

These precautions hold true for any person in authority who tries to do something to a child or young teen. Stay involved with your child! Asking too many questions of them can often be a good thing!

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