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Meet Your Home Team!


Meet Your Home Team!

Flexer Law teamed up with the Nashville Sports League to complete their first season of kickball. For eight weeks, the Flexer crew competed against seven other talented teams.

Flexer Law places a major emphasis on the value of teamwork, which is comprised of cooperation, commitment, and communication. This recipe is essential for success in the office and on the field. Although Team Flexer made it to the playoffs, the team did not advance to the championship game.

In an interview after the final game, Coach Dan commented that he was “very proud of the fine effort that the team put into making the season a raging success.” The games were played every Tuesday evening after work at Hadley Park in Nashville. The team would also like to recognize Jaclin Batt, a pFlexer Law Nashville Sports League kickball team in Nashville, TN.aralegal with Flexer Law, and extend a special thanks for coordinating this social event.

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