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Hernia Mesh Cases


Personal Injury

Your coffee pot explodes in your hand! You take a medication that turns out to be addictive and you are given no warning. A part in your car becomes loose, ultimately resulting in your losing control of your car.

In all three instances you are injured. What do these examples have in common? All three involve faulty products. These are referred to in the law as products liability claims.

Product Liability Claims

Generally speaking these personal injury claims fall into three or four different categories; cases involving faulty design, errors that occur during the manufacturing of the product, or negligent failure to warn of a known danger regarding the product.

All of us have hear advertisements on television with respect to faulty products. Examples would be the Toyota vehicles which had acceleration issues that resulted in serious injury or death. Another would be hips that failed after hip replacement surgery, causing the patient to undergo additional surgery that could have been avoided.

Hernia Mesh Cases

Now we have another product which has been determined to cause personal injury to those who have had hernia surgery– the hernia mesh cases.

A hernia mesh is used to cover the hernia area or in some cases to plug up the hole. The mesh is made of a plastic known as polypropylene. In its most basic terms, the plastic gets absorbed into the body and can often times create complications such as infections, abscesses and non-healing wounds. One of the latest items used to repair hernias is the PerFix Plug.

In recent months, the hernia mesh has come under scrutiny and lawsuits have emerged all over the country. In one such case a Texas man has filed a suit against the manufacturers of the plug alleging the plug was not compatible with his body, causing him to suffer excruciating pain and the ultimate loss of his right testicle.

According to this lawsuit, over 100,000 hernia meshes are implanted in the United States.

Unfortunately, many of these hernia mesh products have not been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. One of the known manufacturers did issue a recall in October 2014. Despite the recall, the meshes were still being sold and placed into the market. This failure to act despite knowledge that these meshes are known to cause harm has given rise to the many lawsuits.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Tennessee

There is no excuse for failure to act on the part of the giant corporations who manufacture these products. If you suspect that you or a loved one may have been a victim of one of these products, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

This article was written by Steve Karr, a personal injury attorney at Flexer Law. If you have questions, please contact Steve at (615) 805-6374.

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