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Getting Out of Credit Card Debt


Credit Card Debt Relief

Knowing your options can help you take the necessary actions to relieve yourself from credit card debt. First, you must  identify solutions and develop a strategy to effectively minimize the heavy burden of repaying your debts. The obvious option for getting rid of credit card debt is to pay it off. However, this is not a viable option for everyone. For example, if you can only afford to make the minimum monthly payments, paying off credit card debt can take several decades.

While reducing or eliminating interest charges and late fees can help pay off credit card debt faster, there are other options. Some people opt to consolidate their debts by bundling them up into a single package that has one monthly payment. This can help lessen the burden, but it does not lower the entire amount owed. Additionally, it does not stop credit card companies and debt collectors from harassing you.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment

Debt collector harassment is illegal. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) explicitly states that debt collectors cannot legally use harassment or abuse tactics when they contacting people.

Examples of debt collector harassment include:

  • Repetitious phone calls that are aimed at annoying, abusing, or otherwise harassing you into answering the phone
  • Use of obscene language or profanity
  • Threats of violence or harm
  • Publishing lists of people who refuse to pay their debts (this does not include reporting information to a credit reporting company)
  • Refusing to identify themselves

We Help Get You Out of Debt

Credit cards are one of the major ways people accumulate debts in America today. While most people fully expect to pay back any money they borrow on their credit cards, there are many factors that can cause credit card balances to get out of hand. In some case, filing for bankruptcy may be the best solution.

The experienced lawyers at Flexer Law are dedicated to helping our clients by using bankruptcy law as a strategy for getting out from under credit card debt.

Standing Up to Abusive Credit Card Companies

Credit card companies make it very easy for people to fall behind on their payments and accumulate debts they cannot afford to pay back. High interest rates, late fees and other penalties can make it harder and harder to make your monthly payments on time.

If you cannot afford to pay your credit card debts, filing bankruptcy may help you eliminate (in Chapter 7) or reduce (in Chapter 13) those debts so you can make a fresh start.

Credit card companies can get increasingly tough on people who have defaulted on their debts. You may be getting calls from debt collectors threatening you with wage garnishment and other serious consequences. Filing bankruptcy puts an immediate stop to the harassment.

Working With You to Pursue a Fresh Start

People accumulate credit card debts for many reasons. You may not have the income to meet your regular monthly expenses. This may cause you to end up using a credit card to pay medical bills. You may even need to borrow money to help out family members who are in trouble.

Whatever the reasons for your credit card debts, the experienced Tennessee bankruptcy lawyers will work with you to determine whether bankruptcy offers a solution.

Our lawyers are dedicated to helping clients use bankruptcy law to get out from under credit card debt. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer. We will help you find the best solution for your situation.

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