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5 Great Holiday Gifts on a Budget


If your budget is tight this holiday season, you can still give meaningful, memorable gifts.  Here are a few ideas – with lots of links – to get you started!

1. Handmade gifts – You don’t have to be a crafty person to make your own gifts.  Check out our Pinterest page for lots of inspiration.

One easy project we like: make a personalized mug.  You can write an inspirational quote, a joke, or just a personal message for your loved one.  All you need is a plain mug from the dollar store, a permanent marker, and your oven!

2. Perform a service – Give vouchers to your friends and family for services you are good at.  Are you a stylist?  Give a free haircut!  Are you handy?  Give the gift of an oil change!  Love kids?  Offer to babysit your nieces and nephews or neighbors’ kids so their parents can have a date night!  Other ideas: car wash, driving an elderly parent to the store, mowing the lawn or raking leaves, or cleaning out gutters.  Your acts of service can be a gift to a special someone in the months to come!

There are lots of creative ways to make coupons or vouchers for your gifts of service.  If you need help getting started, here’s a link to American Greetings’ site, where you can create holiday coupons and print them out.

3. Make a treat – Christmas cookies and treats are always appreciated!  Make a large batch of your favorite treats, package them creatively, and give a sweet gift to friends, neighbors, and coworkers.  Here’s a creative way to use a paper plate and some ribbon or string to make a DIY Cookie Basket.

4. Dollar store gift baskets – You can compile great gifts for just about anyone on your list at the dollar store.  Here’s a YouTube video on how to group your items into one great-looking basket.  You could also get a cheap stocking and stuff it full of goodies!  Try this list for more ideas.

5. Make memories – Take a day for a photo shoot at home or on location.  You could make a photo booth at home or go to your favorite spots in town or to a scenic park location.  Take fun photos with your family, your friends, or even your pet!  Pick your favorites, put them in an inexpensive frame, and give them to your loved ones.  Priceless!

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make great gifts for those you love.  Be creative and have fun!


If you’re experiencing financial difficulty this holiday season, you can always call the Flexer Law for free, friendly advice.  If you’re considering bankruptcy, call (615) 805-6374 or go to the Contact Us page now to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney.  You don’t have to live under the weight of your debt in 2015 – get help today!

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