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Divorce and Bankruptcy


Walk Through the Process with a Caring, Experienced Attorney

Guiding You Through Family and Financial Issues

Bankruptcy and divorce are two topics that are closely related in many people’s lives. Financial problems are a major reason why many marriages break down, and the separation of a household can put additional financial pressure on everyone involved.

At Flexer Law, we represent clients in both bankruptcy and divorce cases, so we are in a strong position to consider the impact of each on the other. We provide clients with compassionate counsel, treating them the way we would want to be treated.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer. We have offices in Nashville, Murfreesboro and Columbia.

Protecting Your Bankruptcy Rights During and After Divorce

While federal law gives you the right to file bankruptcy and discharge or modify certain types of debt, a divorce decree can place limits on your rights. If you are going through a divorce, your attorney should pay close attention to preserving your bankruptcy rights.

In 2005, Congress amended bankruptcy law with provisions intended to prevent spousal support (alimony) obligations from being discharged by the bankruptcy courts.

Often, it is unclear whether a particular provision in a divorce decree is part of the property settlement or a type of spousal support. We are experienced at analyzing these issues and protecting our clients’ bankruptcy rights during and after divorce.

Planning Ahead for the Possibility of Your Spouse’s Bankruptcy

It is also important to consider during the divorce process what will happen if your spouse files bankruptcy at some point after the divorce is finalized. This is a particularly important issue to address if any debts are being divided as part of your property settlement.

If you are concerned about how bankruptcy will affect your divorce or vice versa, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your circumstances with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in TN.

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