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How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy?


At Flexer Law, our fees for core service offerings are all-inclusive — including bankruptcy services. Fees include the filing fee, the notice fee with the court, the first credit counseling course requirement, the credit report, and the attorney fees.

We understand that money may be tight and, as such, our office provides the option to pay the attorney fees in installments which allows you to spread your payments out over several months.

What is the Cost of Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In addition to attorney fees, generally, the fees in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases from start to discharge consist of the following:

  • $335.00 for the Court filing fee
  • $25.00 (on average) for the first credit counseling course
  • $15.00 (on average) for the second credit counseling course
  • $40.00 (on average) for your credit report

What is the Cost of Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment has several determining factors. The Court typically sets the fee for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy anywhere between $1,100.00 up to $4,250.00.

Most Chapter 13 fees can be paid through the Chapter 13 plan, which means there would be no money down to file – even the filing fee can be paid through the plan.

Expert Bankruptcy Attorneys in Middle Tennessee

It is invaluable to enlist the help of an attorney you can trust when going through the bankruptcy process. Since 1981, Flexer Law has been serving the legal needs of Middle Tennessee residents. Our expert bankruptcy attorneys will work hard on your behalf to provide the best financial outcome.

Regardless of your financial situation, we’ll help guide you through the bankruptcy filing process with confidence. We understand that attorney fees can be costly. That’s why we offer payment plans in most cases and no money down on Chapter 13 plans.

Contact Flexer Law today for a free bankruptcy consultation to discuss your options! We have three offices conveniently located throughout Middle Tennessee to accommodate your legal needs.

Whether we meet in person or virtually, we will get to work on finding the best solution for getting your financial life back on track.

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