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Drug Defense Attorney for Simple Possession


Simple drug possession classifies as a misdemeanor but can have a significant long-term impact. Receiving a drug conviction can also negatively affect your future education and employment options. An expert attorney will defend you against criminal drug charges, such as simple possession, and help protect your future.

What Is Simple Possession?

Simple possession is when an individual knowingly possesses illegal drugs, but there’s no indication that they are dealing, delivering, or manufacturing them. Simple possession occurs when individuals are found with a small number of drugs. It’s the lowest drug charge in Tennessee but other factors can lead to more severe penalties for drug possession. If an individual is found with a large number of drugs, higher scheduled drugs, or it’s their second offense, they are subject to a felony charge.

Legal Counsel for Your Drug Defense Case

Simple possession classifies as a misdemeanor under TN drug laws but if the convicted party has previously been charged twice, it can become a felony. Additionally, the misdemeanor can become a felony if you exchange the substance with a minor or the exchange takes place near a school.

Simple possession includes the following:

  1. Knowingly possessing a substance
  2. Exchanging a substance or giving out 1/2 an ounce of marijuana (at most)
  3. Possessing a substance without a valid medical prescription

If it’s a first-time possession charge, you can face up to 11 months and 29 days in jail, probation, a $250-$750 fine, or any court costs related to the charge. If you repeat the offense, you can receive a second conviction with an increased fine of $500-$850 or a third conviction with a fine of at least $1,000 and a felony charge.

If you’ve been charged with any drug offense, from simple marijuana possession to cocaine trafficking, you have a right to an aggressive criminal defense. Hiring an attorney who is prepared to devote time and resources to your case can make a big difference.

Defending Against Drug Charges in Tennessee

Penalties for drug possession are one of the most common criminal charges that people in Tennessee face. It’s important for people to understand the Tennessee drug laws and penalties. Given the varying penalties for drug possession, it’s invaluable to enlist the help of an experienced and trusted drug defense attorney. In these scenarios, an attorney can challenge the validity of drug charges and their supporting evidence. A drug defense attorney can also help seek a lesser sentence if you’re convicted under TN drug laws. 

Although you’re less likely to face jail time for a simple possession charge, a criminal defense attorney will help you avoid a permanent conviction. They will also work to have your record expunged to protect your ability to obtain employment, if possible. Not all employers will automatically disqualify a candidate for having a misdemeanor drug offense but some might. Other employers might simply select a candidate who doesn’t have a misdemeanor over one who does. A drug defense attorney will work diligently to protect your future.

Our expert criminal defense attorneys defend clients against criminal charges involving marijuana, cocaine, and all other illegal drugs. Allegations involving drugs are among the most frequent criminal accusations made against people in Tennessee.

We defend against:

  • Simple drug possession
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug distribution and possession with intent to deliver
  • Prescription drug fraud

If you are convicted of one of these crimes, you could face serious consequences, including jail time and a criminal record. As a result, this can affect your future education and employment opportunities.

Avoid Serious Consequences for a Drug Offense     

We may have several alternatives to defend against drug charges, depending on the facts of each case. Many drug arrests occur during traffic stops. If you were stopped and searched while driving, we will examine the records to see whether the police had probable cause.

In addition, the evidence against you must be handled with specific procedures to ensure the evidence is reliable. If evidence is not properly gathered and safeguarded, it may not be admitted into evidence over the proper objection. Courts may also suppress or exclude evidence upon proper motion during the plea-bargaining process.

Additionally, the government has a duty to reveal certain evidence they have even if it is in your favor, but you have to request such evidence in a timely manner and with the proper procedure.

Drug Defense Attorney for Simple Possession

Are you facing charges for a drug offense in Tennessee or are you asking yourself “Is possession of drugs a felony?”

If so, don’t fight your drug charges alone. Enlisting the help of a drug defense attorney can help you protect your reputation and future. Criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to assess the facts of your case and evaluate all of the evidence to provide the best outcome for you. They understand how to navigate the legal system efficiently to protect you from long-term penalties for drug possession and save you time and money. 

Being charged with a drug offense can be scary and the penalties can be daunting but a criminal defense attorney will help ease your stress while protecting your rights. Our expert drug defense attorneys will work on your behalf to find the best solution and help you avoid the long-term consequences of drug possession. We are fully prepared to take your case to trial if necessary to pursue an acquittal of the charges. It may also be possible to get your charges dismissed through a pretrial diversion program, though not everyone is eligible.

Flexer Law has been serving the legal needs of Middle Tennessee residents since 1981. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will work diligently on your behalf to provide the best outcome for you.

We have three office locations throughout Middle Tennessee to accommodate your legal needs. Contact us for a free consultation, either in person or virtually, and we’ll get started on finding you the best solution.


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