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Tennessee Dog Bite Law


Those of us who own dogs have a responsibility to make sure our animal friends are well fed, safe, and secure. They are, after all, part of the family. We also have a responsibility to make sure our dogs do not injure our neighbors, friends, and members of the general public.

Tennessee Dog Laws

State and municipal laws require that dogs not be allowed to run at large. It can be a criminal offense to allow a dog to go uncontrolled by its owner on a highway, public road, street or any place open to the public. You must acquaint yourself with Tennessee Leash Laws. Additionally, if the dog owner does not keep the dog under reasonable control at all times, the owner may be held liable for injuries to another whether the dog has bitten before or not.

Most Tennessee municipalities have passed ordinances which deal with animal control and laws dealing with the dog owners responsibility. Many local governments have specific sections dealing with dangerous or vicious dogs. Certain breeds have been targeted, particularly those who are owners of pit bulls.

Tennessee Pit Bull Laws

The owner of a pit bull in some areas is required to put a sign in a prominent place on the property which says “Beware of Dog”. There may also be requirements with respect to confinement of a pit bull such as a locked pen or kennel unless the dog is on a leash or muzzled. Some cities require the owner of a pit bull to carry homeowners insurance of at least $50,000 in the event someone is killed or injured by the dog. If you own a dog in Tennessee, make sure you are familiar with your local government ordinances with respect to animal control. Injuries caused by a dog can be painful, frightening, and sometimes permanent.

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are the victim of a dog bite due to negligence in the state of Tennessee, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact Flexer Law for a FREE CONSULTATION with an expert personal injury lawyer.

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